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OK, we'll come clean.  We are not the cheapest wedding videographers around.  These days a wedding can cost a great deal of money, and our purpose is to provide a highly-polished, living, enduring memory of your day, from start to finish.  A professional video crew does not come cheap, nor does painstaking post-production, and in that context we represent superb value for money.  To work to these high standards, we can handle a limited number of weddings per year.  Because your wedding video will represent 2 to 3 weeks work to complete.

The Merlin Professional Wedding Video provides a true TV multi-cam production , starting (optionally) with the bride and bridesmaids preparing and leaving home, right through the arrivals at the wedding venue, the service, reception and speeches to the departure of the newly-married couple.

We will attend the marriage rehearsal (most important for "blocking" the camera work in order to provide the best possible coverage without becoming too conspicuous, and follow a storyboard which documents your big day as outlined above.  But the production approach is flexible.  If there are any special scenes you require, just ask and we will shoot them for you!

The footage of the wedding, sound and vision, is edited in-house in the digital domain to provide a professional finished product on tape or DVD that you will enjoy viewing time and time again throughout the years of your life.  We can even create your own unique theme music to cover opening and closing credits!

Click the link to the left to see important information on how the day is planned and organised to include all your requirements and to ensure smooth running, and see below for more information about each service we offer.

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The Shooting Script

You choose the "in" point.  We start shooting at the bride's home as preparations for the day are underway, and capture the bride leaving for the church or wedding venue.

Meanwhile, the second cameraman will be at wedding venue to shoot footage of the arrivals of bridegroom, bridesmaids, family and guests.  And, of course, the bride herself.

Both cameras then concentrate on the wedding ceremony, the signing of the register, the walking down the aisle and emerging into the world as a married couple.

The stills photographer will want to do his job, of course, and our cameras then concentrate on recording the proceedings and "fly-on-the-wall" scenes of guests mingling, chatting, laughing, and whatever else is happening.

We then get scenes of you leaving for the reception, arriving there, and receiving your guests.  More fly-on-the-wall stuff here, plus coverage of the wedding breakfast, the speeches, toasts, cake cutting and the happy couple finally setting-off for their honeymoon.

At any point during the proceedings we will be happy to shoot any scenes you require, but please remember that most people are not accomplished actors!

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