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Important Planning

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In order for the production to run smoothly it is necessary to undertake a little planning!  Below is a list of the important points:-

  • If you require coverage of the ceremony and the signing of the register, you must check with the clergyman or official to ensure that this is allowed, and to seek permission for us to work on the day, and to attend the rehearsal in order to plan the shoot in a way that is acceptable to all.

  • You must then let us have the name of the person who is officiating so that we can liaise with them on the day to establish exactly what we can an can't do, acceptable camera positions, etc.

  • Likewise, if you have an official or MC at the reception, we would like them to be aware in advance that a video production is being shot, and expect their cooperation.

  • If you have engaged the services of a professional stills photographer, you should notify him or her that you have also commissioned a video production.  We will respect that the stills photographer has a job do do, and expect reciprocal consideration.  We will endeavour to work together to ensure the smooth-running of the day.

What we need from you on the day

We all hope for a lovely sunny day, and that everything will proceed without a hitch.  However, we must be prepared for anything!  Hard work and planning are the secrets of success, and to help us cope with whatever fate throws at us, we would ask for the following:-

  • We need a contact person who is closely involved with the proceedings (the Best Man?), of whom we can ask questions, and who can keep us informed of important people who must not be overlooked, or of any special requirements.  It's no good complaining that we didn't get special footage of Aunty Maude, if nobody told us she was there.  Remember, we don't know who is whom!

  • If there is anything we need to know in order to avoid embarrassment or problems, or if anything special or "unexpected" is planned, the contact person should keep us informed.

  • A couple of volunteer helpers would be appreciated, especially if the weather is inclement!  They would, if necessary, assist with holding umbrellas while we are shooting outside, or running errands if required.  We are not asking for full blown camera assistants or gophers, but it is better that you appoint a couple of helpers to give us and extra pair of hands if the occasion arises, rather than we charge for supernumerary crew members to stand around doing nothing in case they are needed.

  • We will, of course, do everything to be discreet and as inconspicuous as possible while we work.  We don't wish to be intrusive in any way.  However, you must accept that our presence will not be invisible, that good results may depend upon certain camera positions, and that we may need to organise or "stage mange" certain events in order to achieve a good result.  We may need to re-shoot some sequences.

  • We do not expect to become full-blown wedding guests, but it may be a long day and we would appreciate access to refreshment as we work.

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