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for Corporate or Personal Projects

Personal Video Production


Personal Video Enquiry Desk

Are you a performer or an entertainer?  Maybe you are a singer or musician, a member of a band or musical group, or are involved in amateur dramatics.  Perhaps you are a cabaret artiste, a dancer, a conjuror, working the clubs, or just performing for private parties?

A video might be just what you need promote yourself or your group, to use as a "demo", to sell to your audience, or just to record your talent for posterity.

Merlin Video Productions can help!


Maybe you do not work in the performing arts, but need a video for professional purposes.  Maybe to market yourself, or to help your clients.

Merlin Video Productions can help!

Purely Personal?

Perhaps it's nothing to do with any of the above.  Maybe you would just like a video of yourself for entirely personal reasons, or to send to distant friends, loved-ones or family.

Possibly you want to enter a video for a competition or to submit a tape for a television program?

Or maybe you just have a fantasy to star in your own private little production, but still want it done properly?

Merlin Video Productions can help!


Personal Video Enquiry Desk

Well, it's impossible to say without talking to you, but everything will be done to give you what you want at a price you can accept. 

If you click the link to the Merlin Personal Video Enquiry Desk and complete the enquiry form, we will see what we can do to help you, and reply by e-mail (or telephone if you prefer.)

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