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Without discussing your project, we obviously have no idea exactly what genre of production will be of greatest interest to you, so we have included a few diverse samples, one of which we hope will be at least slightly relevant.

Please note:

These video samples are suitable for Broadband users only due to the large file sizes.  We include a complete production, plus scenes from others.

Just click the links to the left and your Media Player should open and play the downloads.

Please note: low resolution is used for download speed and smoother replay on slower connections.  These streams were produced to play at 320x240 pixels and do not represent the full digital quality of the originals.

Royal Yacht Britannia
(Trailer from Complete Film)

To view please click here

Produced and directed by Rolie Luker for sale on board the Royal Yacht, now in permanent dock and open to the public.


Sooty's Birthday Party
(Short sketch)


Produced and directed by Rolie Luker for Richard Cadell
for general release to commemorate Sooty's 60th birthday!

Significant Witness
(Scenes from)

To view please click here

Produced for Surrey Police, this video re-enacts crime-scenes and forms a part of their training programme.  Each scene is shot through the eyes of a crime victim or witness in real-time, so there is no reframing or cutting.


Warning:  This film contains strong language.  Please do not view if you are liable to be offended by this.

Reach for the Stars

To view please click here

Produced for ECHG Limited (English Churches Housing Group) to prepare staff for an upcoming Audit Commission inspection.


Workplace Mediation
(Scenes from)

Clip 1 please click here
Clip 2 please click here


Produced for PMR Limited (Professional Mediation Resolutions) to provide an insight into its mediation services.






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